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Blooming B'loons is a Lua event to celebrate the Chinese New Year. A new pet tiger Inventory item #2539 Familier 14.png was released as 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.


Press to become attached to a balloon. You can move around in the sky by moving left or right and reattaching yourself to a balloon or by standing on someone else's floating balloon.

Avoid touching the dragons and their fire breath. You get 5 lives.

Touch 150 Chinese coin tokens Blooming B'loons 9.png to buy the cartouche reward Cartouche #57 (New) in Nala's shop.

Token Name Description
Blooming B'loons 6.png Checkpoint Marks a checkpoint in the map. If you die, you respawn on the cloud.
Blooming B'loons 7.png Dragon Awards 1Inventory item #2240
Blooming B'loons 8.png Tiger Awards 1Inventory item #2539
Blooming B'loons 9.png Chinese coin Awards Blooming B'loons 14.png


Blooming B'loons 5.png Nala
Cost Reward
150Inventory item #Blooming B'loons Cartouche #57 (New)
10Inventory item #Blooming B'loons 3Inventory item #2539 (New)
8Inventory item #Blooming B'loons 5Inventory item #2240

Shop items[]

Chinese New Year-themed collector items were added to the shop and available to buy for 14 days.

  • Item released on 12 January 2022 (V1.682): Hand item #53
  • Items released on 20 January 2022 (V1.683): Hair style #106 Ear item #85 Hand item #54 Fur #223
  • Items released on 27 January 2022 (V1.684): Tail item #55 Small box skin #45 Large box skin #48 Balloon skin #46


  • This event was created by Bolodefchoco #0095 with art by Furianera #0015.
  • The gameplay is based on Baffbot's balloon minigame.
  • The pet tiger appears as Blooming B'loons 3.png in Nala's shop.
  • Each map has 18 static dragons and 13 shooter dragons.
  • When the event launched, each map had 22 coins Blooming B'loons 9.png, with each level having an increasing number of them: 2, 2, 4, 6 and 8. On 31 January, 2 coins were added to each level.[1] On 9 February, 2 coins were added to the first level and 1 coin was added to each of the other levels.[2]



Blooming B'loons 1.png Blooming B'loons 2.png


Static dragon Sleeping shooter dragon Shooting shooter dragon Shooter dragon's fire breath



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