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Big Shaman is a skill in the Spiritual Guide skill tree which increases a shaman’s size. Each skill point makes the shaman 4% larger up to a maximum of 20% at 5 skill points. All mice are ordinarily the same size, so this trait causes a shaman to appear taller and bigger than their group members.


Being larger makes a shaman's body (and any cosmetics) easier to see, especially when clustered with other mice. 

A big shaman might build a gap too narrow for them to fit through, but the maps themselves avoid blocking a shaman based on their size choice.

Collision Maps[]

In collision maps, a mouse can stand on a big shaman's head to jump higher than by standing on a shorter mouse.

Shaman vs. Shaman[]

A larger shaman is easier to hit with cannonballs and other summoned objects.


  • Big Shaman affects both shamans in maps with multiple shamans. [clarification needed]
  • Skill points spent on the Small but Brawny skill negate points in Big Shaman.