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Bastille Day 2015 is a Lua event created to celebrate Bastille Day, which is celebrated on 14 July every year in France. In Transformice, the event started on 10 July and ended on 20 July.


This event contains one event map that plays randomly. It lasts for one minute instead of two.

In the map, you can click a part of the Eiffel Tower to toggle the light of certain parts. The player's goal is to light up all parts of the Eiffel Tower (solution shown at the right).

If you die in the map (by sinking into the water), you will get a photo with a mouse sinking along with a "+1 wow!" text, which was likely an easter egg.


Upon finishing the instructions, the player will get the title « Sans-culotte »(365).


  • Mice can go under the ground by entering the water, though it is risky since a slight late timing will kill the mice.