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Basketball is a module in Transformice. It has gameplay similar to a real-life basketball game.


The goal of the minigame, like real life basketball, is to get more points than the opposing team by shooting the ball into the loop of the team's color. One team consists of 6 players or less.

The team which is the first to get 16 points (by default) will win the round.


Before a game begins, all mice that want to play should click one of the slot in a team to join that team. After there is at least one mouse on both teams, there will be a 20-second countdown before the game starts.

The game can start with uneven amount of players in a team (e.g. 1v5, 2v4, etc.), though if the opposing team has no player the game won't start.

When the round begins, the basketball will spawn in the middle of the field, and the players can start trying to score points for their team.

To grab a ball on the field or steal a ball from opponent's hands, press Space.

When the player grabs a ball, he/she can hold Space, wait until the power bar is filled enough, and shoot, or left-click another player in the same team to pass the ball. Passing the ball using click is instant, it will teleport the ball immediately to the target's hands.


Pts Description
2 Score inside the three-point line.
3 Score outside the three-point line.