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Ban is a chat command that lets players kick another player out of the room for 1 hour. It is commonly used to get rid of players who are breaking the rules, trolling, hacking or performing favoritism to help their friend get firsts. 8 players are required to ban the same player for them to be kicked out of the room. A message is sent to the chat when a player is votebanned: "[•] Nickname#0000 o/".

The command should not be used to punish mice who "stole" your first or a new shaman trying to learn. Gathering a tribe or a group of friends for the purpose of kicking innocent players out of a room is considered voteban abuse and can result in a ban. Using the ban command for "lotteries" also results in a ban against the people abusing the voteban command.


Vote populaire ban.png
  • V0.16 (23 May 2010) - ban command introduced, bans the player from the game for 1 hour for the reason "Vote populaire" (popular vote). The following message appears in the chat: "[~Modération] Username a été banni pendant 1 heures. Raison : Vote populaire".
  • V0.32 (30 June 2010) - ban now costs 2 cheese and is only available once an hour.
  • V0.40 (10 July 2010) - ban no longer costs cheese.
  • 1 October 2012 - ban no longer bans the player from the game for 1 hour. Instead, they are banned from the room for 1 hour and moved to room *bad girls.[1]
  • V1.232 (20 March 2015) - the room creator is now protected from voteban.
  • 6 November 2020 - ban no longer works on the Turkish server due to excessive abuse.[2]
  • Early 2021 - ban room changed from room *bad girls to room *saperlipopette.


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