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For a list of balloons in the shop, see Shop/Shaman#Balloon.

The balloon is a shaman item that slowly rises until it is blocked by a surface or float past the boundaries of the map. It can also be attached to a mouse.

If many mice stand on a visible balloon (approximately 3), the balloon will pop and cause a spirit effect, pushing the mice away.

Airships are a common use of balloons.


Balloons have a single anchor that is activated by any other anchor key. When anchored to objects, the balloon will attach itself to the object by a string. The force of the balloon will have different results based on the weight, shape, and size of the object. For example, while a single balloon can easily carry a single small box, at least three balloons are required to lift an anvil effectively.

After the 8 August 2010 update (V0.52), shamans can attach balloons to mice. The connection to the balloons breaks if the mouse in question moves, but the Shaman can nudge the balloon with objects such as cannonballs, spirits, or attach runes to it. This won't break the connection the balloon has on the mouse, but rather add some degree of locomotion.


Balloons come in red, blue, green, and yellow. Despite rumors that say the colors of the balloons correspond to what anchor hotkey you use (C, V, B, or N), the color of the balloon is completely random and generated differently, client sided (each user sees the same balloon as a random color).

However, when you purchase 2 or more custom balloons from the shop when spawning it will spawn a random balloon or you can press the hotkey 3 to scroll through your balloons and select which one you want to use.


Balloon floating bugs[]

Crane.png BugAttach a balloon to yourself, then attach 2 small boxes to the balloon and you will fly much faster. A variation of this is to attach a balloon to yourself and spawn an anchor-less large box in between you and the balloon.
Crane.png BugIf the balloon is attached to an object and rises too high in the sky, the balloon might "pop," or disappear, causing the object to fall.

Balloon spirit break glitch[]


Crane.png BugAttach a balloon to yourself first (any anchor). Then put a B anchored plank (any size and ghosted or not) on the balloon. Lastly, spirit the B anchored plank (b anchor/red dot). Now you're in the top left corner!

Balloon swing[]

Balloon Swing.png
Crane.png BugAttach a balloon to yourself (any anchor). Then put a B anchor small plank (invisible recommended) on the balloon. Put a N long (invisible recommended (if it is visible you might die!)) plank on the B anchor small plank or the balloon. Repeat if wanted.

A mixed balloon swing.

Balloon elevator bug[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Kite

It is possible to create a balloon elevator that will go smoothly up to the sky.

Balloon plank bug[]

Crane.png BugAttach a balloon to yourself or any mouse. Then put a B anchored plank (any size and ghosted or not) on the balloon. Now get out from the balloon. The B anchored plank will work as a C anchored plank in the balloon.

Balloon walk[]

Megaphone.png Main article: Balloon walk

Allows you to walk in a single direction while being attached to a balloon (instead of having to remain still).

Soulmate separation glitch[]

Crane.png BugOn soulmate levels, if a balloon is attached to both soulmates and they both detach from their balloons, they will no longer be bonded with each-other.

Balloon into the future[]

Crane.png BugPut a balloon on somebody just as the time runs out and on the next map they will be on a balloon.