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Bafflua is a module. There are different types of games in the minigame. Games are spawned randomly and the time limit is (sometimes) shorter than 1 minutes.

Each game is described in its corresponding section below:

Map Types[]


Bafflua Climb.png

The objective of the minigame is to reach the top of the map. Clouds will be spawned randomly on the map after a few seconds and will be reused from time to time, usually resulting in falling in a pit or landing on a skull symbol. When reaching the top of the map, you will receive cheese and proceed to going back to the hole to win.

Collect All Cheese[]

The map of this game has at least 4 cheese or more. The objective is to run and collect all cheese on the map. Once collected the last cheese, mice will automatically be carrying cheese on their backs, and can proceed to go back into the mouse hole. Sometimes, additional powers are given to mice, such as flying abilities or so. While Collecting cheese, we must at least stand for 2 seconds on it or jump on it, or you would not get the cheese.


Bafflua Disco.png

A map for dancing. Lasts for 15 seconds, but with each second, each mice's name color will change. Mice gain 1 point each second when dancing.


Bafflua Bloons.png

In this map, mice have to spawn balloons by "ducking" in order to reach the cheese. However, pressing "down" will only spawn the balloon beside the mouse instead of under it. It will make the balloon which has been previously spawned disappear and make the new one spawned.


Bafflua Fly.png

Mice can fly by pressing Space in this map, some of these maps needs a lot of mice in order to complete.


Bafflua Launch.png

Shamans are required in order to finish these kind of map. In this map, the arrow's function is to blast the mice toward the cheese and the hole, instead of just pointing.

Spirit Jump[]

Bafflua Spirit Jump.png

Every mice can Spirit jump in this map by pressing . Spirit jumping is required to finish the map.


Bafflua Trololol.png

In these maps, an A mouse is shown guarding the cheese and saying "Trololol" (It may appear only to one player) in the beginning of the game. It shoots cannons only in one or two directions to kill mice. The objective is to avoid getting killed and get the cheese then get to the hole to win the game.

Survival Maps[]

Like any other survival maps, the mice needs to survive the Shamans while the they try to kill them.


Bafflua Snow.png

Mice can shoot other mice snowballs to knock the other mice off the map. They can shoot mice by "ducking" (pressing ). The map usually features a few tints if wood for the mice to stand on and making the map more challenging. The last mouse alive wins the game.

Reverse Survivor[]

Bafflua Reverse Survivor.png

Instead of Shamans killing mice, it is mice killing Shamans. The mice are out side the "boxed" map in the beginning of the game and Shamans are inside it. Mice can shoot the Shamans by "ducking" and the Shamans have to avoid the cannons the mice shoot. When the Shamans all die, the mice automatically win. However, Shamans can cheat by either teleporting themselves to the outside map, running towards the out wall by using a Wind Master skill or killing them by shooting the mice outside the map.


Bafflua Portvivor.png

In this map, mice have to collect cheese and run back to the hole. However, the Shaman (who can't be seen in the map) can spawn portals that kills mice by using the arrows. The mice have to avoid them at all costs or they will be killed instantly.


Bafflua Deux.png

The Shaman can spawn one, two or three clouds, whether they have the Skill or not. The clouds can be spawned by using the arrows. The shaman is needed to finish the map.


Bafflua Fallout.png

In this map, random objects fall from the sky to kill mice, the last mice that survive wins. The objects include: Companion Crates, wooden crates, iced mice, cannons, anvils, planks, sheep etc.

Spamming Killer[]

In this map, the Shaman can spam random objects to kill mice by using the arrow skill. The objects include: wooden crates, anvils, balls etc. The shaman can also spawn items manually, not using the arrow.


Bafflua Balance.png

In this map, mice are balanced on a plank. The mice have to try to balance the plank(s) in order to stay alive. In some maps, the mice are balanced on top of a giant plank and balls will fall on it to topple and kill mice. In the chat it says, "Don't rock the boat baby!"


Bafflua Shamfly.png

Not to be confused with the Control Minigame. The Shaman can control the mice when to "fly" by pressing or spamming Space. The mice and the shaman have to cooperate in order to finish the map.


Bafflua Walljump.png

In this map, mice have to Walljump on wood in order to stay alive as the floor sinks. The gravity will get stronger and harder to Walljump each second (imitating the mice climbing higher) and mice are more likely to fall. The last mouse that doesn't die wins.


Bafflua Racecamp.png

Just like any other bootcamps, mice has to finish tough hard maps to win. If a mouse dies without finishing the map, it automatically respawns after a few seconds.


Bafflua Vampire.png

Like the survival vampire maps, a mouse is randomly chosen to be a vampire. The vampire has to infect other mice by standing near them for a few seconds. The new vampires and the old ones will also have to infect other mice. Those who survive to the next round wins.


Bafflua Smash.png

In this map, the Shaman can use spirits to fling mice all across the map to kill them. Instead of finish charging the spirit to use it, the Shaman can click with the spirit anywhere they want. The spirit used here is stronger than normal maps.