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This page is about something that was removed from Transformice after an update.

Baffbot was a room where users could listen to music while playing Transformice. It was made by Baffler #0000, a fellow scripter for the game.

Baffbot was reprogrammed to be used on Lua, a new script format, and renamed to Bafflua.



Baffbot #0000 was made by the moderator Baffler #0095 and named after him. Baff was seen dressed up in Marge Simpson's hair (Head item #30), heart glasses (Eye item #2), and a scarf (Neck item #6); Baff also uses the normal yellow hard mode color.

Baffbot had the nickname of "baff" or "baffles".

In about the middle of 2011, new types of Baffs were made. This was like Baffbot, but was more a mini Baffbot. In these rooms only one mini was played, and there were no breaks in between rounds. The first mini Baff room was the cannon minigame, and then the balloon minigame came in soon after. But so far no other Baff minigames have been made.

Most Baffbot maps were made by Impuredeath #0095.

Baffbot games[]

Baffbot was the name of a bot and room, in this room Baff would play a map with a unique twist every three rounds.

When a "twist-map" didn't appear in the next map after the three rounds, then the bot would stalk mice, or go idle.

FFA maps[]

The point of this game was to knock your opponents down with cannons. Cannons could be spawned by pressing the down key or S. There was a delay in between when the player fires a cannon, so the player could shoot a cannon into him/herself. This could be done either to save themselves by bringing them back into play, or to cannon themselves up to a higher platform.

Balloon minigame[]

In this mini game, the point of the game is still to get the cheese and go back to the hole, in a racing-like fashion. But instead of using a Shaman, you use a Balloon to get there and back.

How to play[]

To make a balloon, you jump and duck to spawn a connected balloon above you. Some times the balloon is visible, but most of the time it is invisible. If you jump, fall, and then duck the balloon will spawn above where you jumped, then it will drag you back up to that spot. If you have a bit of lag you will spawn the balloon, but if you're close to the bottom of the screen you may still die.

You can move left and right by hitting the corresponding keys, while hitting down. If you can do this, you can balloon hop to the next area, by going up, jumping to the left or right then ducking again.


The maps generally fall into two types: racing or gimic. Racing maps are generally easier, but some just make you say "What the hell is this?" (Maps like this are usually by Impuredeath #0095.)

An example of a racing map would be a map called "Dat Wind". It is a simple map where there are two platforms on opposite corners of the room (top left and bottom right), with the cheese on the top and the spawn on the bottom. There is a wind blowing toward the cheese, so you have to balloon your way across the map or be blown away.


The rooms "baffbot1" and "*baffbot1" were a little different because these rooms only run Baffbot's maps and you will never be the shaman. The rotation is 3 maps by each kind.