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Back to School 2020 is the third Back to School event in Transformice.

You have to complete a series of different tests which include dance, geography and running track. If you pass a test, you receive an A+ item in your inventory. However, if you fail a test, you receive an F item instead. These items can be traded to Prof for event rewards.


The event maps are the same as those from the previous Back to School events.

Image Name
Inventory item #2334 A+
Inventory item #2335 F

Running track[]


In the running track map, you have to press and (or A and D) in turn, repeatedly, to move and increase your speed, while jumping to avoid cannonballs being fired from the opposite direction. Cannonballs spawn every 1-5 seconds. If you press the same directional button multiple times, your speed will reduce. If you stop pressing either directional buttons for a while, you will slow down and stop moving.

You must get to the mouse hole on the opposite side of the map within 30 seconds to receive an A+ item. If you are unable to complete the map or get to the mouse hole after 30 seconds, you will receive an F item.


In the geography map, a flag of a country will appear in the middle of the screen in which you must correctly locate where that country is on a map by clicking. You must get at least 5 out of 8 flags correct to receive an A+ item. If you get below 5, you will receive an F item.

Back to School map cheatsheet.png



In the dance map, arrows will appear on the classroom board in a sequence in which you must memorise. The arrows will either be pointing up, down, left or right. After the arrows have disappeared, you must press the keys in the same sequence that was shown on the board. There are 3 sets in total, each with slightly more arrows than the last. The first set has 5 arrows, the second set has 7 arrows and the third set has 10 arrows. If you mess up one arrow of the set, your progress is reset to the beginning and you can repeat the same set. If a set times out and you haven't finished (the arrows will shake to indicate time running low), you will fail and get an F item. It is possible to get up to 3 items from this map.

Tip: If you can't remember long sequences, while the game is showing you the directions, type the WASD letter or arrow of each direction in your chat box (e.g. type wasda or ^<v>< for up, left, down, right, left) and since everyone has the same sequence, you could post it to help others. You could also take a photo of the screen showing all the arrows using your phone.

Headmaster's office[]


You earn rewards by handing in your A+ and F items to Prof. When this map plays, it is immediately after one of the other event maps.


Objective Adventure points Reward
Collect 100Inventory item #2334 30 50Inventory item #2257
Get all flags correct on the geography map 10 times 15 25Inventory item #2257
Get 3Inventory item #2334 on the dance map 10 times 15 25Inventory item #2257
Get Inventory item #2334 on running track map 10 times 15 25Inventory item #2257


Mouth item #72 Pencil mouth item (New) - 80Inventory item #2334

Badge #281 Badge (New) - 50Inventory item #2334 or 50Inventory item #2335

Cost Reward
150Inventory item #2334 « With honors »(487) (New)
75Inventory item #2335 « Self-taught »(485) (New)
20Inventory item #2335 « Procrastinator »(486) (New)
Cost Reward
50Inventory item #2257 1Inventory item #2483
4Inventory item #2334 1Inventory item #2257
10Inventory item #2335 1Inventory item #2257
1Inventory item #2335 15Inventory item #25
1Inventory item #2335 15Inventory item #26
1Inventory item #2335 10Inventory item #2497
1Inventory item #2335 10Inventory item #4

New items[]

The following collector shop items were released: Neck item #49 Small box skin #19 Large box skin #23 Ball skin #16 Cannonball skin #15.


  • For the first few days of the event, the server would lag around the time the event map played because of players repeatedly pressing left and right on the running track map.
  • The Australian flag never shows up for the geography map.
  • Rarely players experience a bug with this event but it can be fixed by relogging.
    • The running track no longer requires you to press left and right repeatedly to move. You can move around just like in other maps.
    • The geography map does not show the world map or any flags.
    • No arrows appear for the dance map.
  • You can walljump the sides of the headmaster's office map and walk along the bookcase shelves.
  • The tag consumable output was changed for the event.


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