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Back to School 2016 was the second school-related event of Transformice.


The event maps are the same from last year, although the rules for the dancing part of event have changed.

The event is in the form of school tests; if the player passes a test, they will get an A+ item. If the player fails, they will get an F item.

Event Specific
Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2334 Pass
Inventory item #2335 Fail



In the track map, mice have to press and (or A and D) in turn, repeatedly, to move and increase the speed points (and ultimately the speed), while jumping to avoid cannonballs. Cannons spawn once per 5 seconds. If the player presses the same directional buttons multiple times, the player's speed will reduce. If the player stops pressing either directional buttons for a while, the player's speed will reset to 0.

If the player finishes the map in under 30 seconds, the player passes the test. If the player finishes the map after 30 seconds has passed, the player would not be able to pass because of not completing the course in time.


In the geography classroom, all players are given a flag and a clickable world map. The player must guess at least 6 out of 8 flags correctly to pass the test. The map has 35 countries to choose from.

Show/Hide cheat sheet
Back to School map cheatsheet.png

Below are the flags, the name of their country, and the abbreviation used for flag waving.

Flag Country Abrv
CA.png Canada CA
US.png United States US
MX.png Mexico MX
CO.png Colombia CO
VE.png Venezuela VE
BR.png Brazil BR
BO.png Bolivia BO
CL.png Chile CL
UY.png Uruguay UY
AR.png Argentina AR
Flag Country Abrv
NO.png Norway NO
SE.png Sweden SE
FI.png Finland FI
FR.png France FR
DE.png Germany DE
PL.png Poland PL
UA.png Ukraine UA
PT.png Portugal PT
ES.png Spain ES
IT.png Italy IT
RO.png Romania RO
TR.png Turkey TR
MA.png Morocco MA
DZ.png Algeria DZ
TN.png Tunisia TN
LY.png Libya LY
EG.png Egypt EG
ZA.png South Africa ZA
Flag Country Abrv
RU.png Russia RU
CN.png China CN
JP.png Japan JP
IN.png India IN
PH.png Philippines PH
ID.png Indonesia ID
AU.png Australia AU



In choreography class, arrows will appear on the board which you must memorize and which will disappear after a while. Once they disappear you must use the directional keys to match what was shown. Messing up will reset your progress for that set requiring you to start from the beginning of the set, but you won't get an F until the time for that set runs out.

There are three series in total, each with slightly more arrows than the last. If a series of moves times out and the player hasn't finished (the arrows will shake to indicate time running low), the player will fail. If the players fails, he or she will be given an F.

Tip: There are two fairly easy ways to do this if you can't remember long patterns: take screen shots, or while the game is showing you the directions, type the first letter / arrow of each direction in your chat box (ex: dulr for Down, Up, Left, Right or v^<>) and since everyone has the same pattern, you can post it if you'd like to help others.

Proviseur's Office[]


The Proviseur (located in his office) is the mouse who grades mice on their performance in previous events, and awards them with badges and titles based on how badly/well they have done.


New consumables[]

Image Name Effect Obtain
Inventory item #2332 Blue-Tongued Lizard This is not obtained through the event.
Instead, you can purchase 2 of these pets for 20Inventory item #2253.


You earn rewards by handing in your rewards to the Proviseur (appears on a special map). Based on the cost of adventure tickets, Inventory item #2334 A+s are worth 4 Inventory item #2335 Fs.

Badges & Cartouche
Cost Reward
100Inventory item #2334 Badge #169 (New)
100Inventory item #2335 Badge #58
75Inventory item #2334 Badge #59
50Inventory item #2334 Badge #57
100Inventory item #2334 Cartouche #27 (New)
Cost Reward
250Inventory item #2334 « Academician »(369)
50Inventory item #2335 « Troublemaker »(411) (New)
50Inventory item #2334 « Freshman »(410)(New)
30Inventory item #2334 « Bookmouse »(368)
10Inventory item #2335 « Dunce »(366)
10Inventory item #2334 « First in the Class »(367)
Cost Reward
20Inventory item #2335 1Inventory item #2257
5Inventory item #2334 1Inventory item #2257
5Inventory item #2335 10Inventory item #4
4Inventory item #2335 15Inventory item #25
2Inventory item #2335 15Inventory item #26

New Items[]


Fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Fur #77 Orca Whale Fur 6000 450
Head item #143 Edgy Hat Head 300 40
Hair style #21 Reese Mask Hair 900 100


  • When Transformice first came back online for event, it quickly had to be restarted again. This was preceded by a server message by Tigrounette blaming Melibellule for messing up, followed by Meli sobbing.
  • This is the first adventure in 2016 to have an event background for the login screen, replacing the the cartoon series.
  • The Reese Mask is a reference to the Animal Crossing character Reese.[1]
  • The Blue-Tongued Lizard was made in memory of Xanthefleur, a Transformice Moderator that passed away prior to the event.[2]
  • You can wall jump the sides of the headmaster's office
  • When the event first came out, there was a bug where when the flag for UY.png Uruguay appeared, clicking the correct country on the map still resulted in getting the answer incorrect. This was later patched on V1.331b.
  • While the Tag consumable was updated for event, using the same on-screen chalk drawing visual as last year, the consumable button image was not updated, still showing the typical cheese icon instead.



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