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Back to School 2015 is an event where your mouse must learn things in various rooms to earn prizes.

"Back to School" is a term often used to refer to the end of a summer break, where in many first-world countries, a new school year begins.

Event maps[]

The event is in a form of school tests. If the player passes a test, they will get an A+ item. Otherwise, if the player fails, that will result in getting an F item.



In the track map, mice have to press and (or A and D) in turn, repeatedly, to move and increase the speed points (and ultimately the speed), while jumping to avoid cannonballs. If the player presses the same directional buttons multiple times, the player's speed will reduce. If the player stops pressing either directional buttons for a while, the player's speed will reset to 0.

If the player finishes the map in under 30 seconds, the player passes the test.



In the geography classroom, all players are given a flag and a clickable world map. The player must guess at least 6 out of 8 flags correctly to pass the test.



In choreography class, the players must follow the arrows shown on the board and follow all 3 series of dance movements correctly to pass the test. If the player fails to press the correct directional key, the player will start over from the beginning of that series.

There are three series in total, each have the same number of rows as the series number. For example, the second dance series will have two rows. If a series of moves times out and the player hasn't finished (the arrows will shake to indicate time running low), the player will fail. If the players fails, he or she will be given an F.

Headmaster's Office[]


The Headmaster (located in his office) is the mouse who grades mice on their performance in previous events, and awards them with badges and titles based on how badly/well they have done.



Icon Name How to Obtain
Badge #57 [1/3] Back to school 2015 Give the Headmaster 50 A+ papers
Badge #58 [2/3] Back to school 2015 Give the Headmaster 100 F papers
Badge #59 [3/3] Back to school 2015 Give the Headmaster 75 A+ papers
Badge #61 Buy the Schoolmouse fur


Title How to Obtain
« Dunce »(366) Trade 50 F's to the Headmaster.
« First in the Class »(367) Trade 10 A+'s to the Headmaster.
« Bookmouse »(368) Trade 50 A+'s to the Headmaster.
« Academician »(369) Trade 250 A's to the Headmaster.


Megaphone.png Main article: Inventory
Icon Name Description
Inventory item #2200 A+ Pass a test
Inventory item #2201 F Fail a test
Icon Name
Inventory item #25 Paper plane
Inventory item #26 Crumbled paper
Inventory item #4 Chalk Tag


Flyer rentray.jpg
Image Name Cheese-currency.png Fraise-currency.png
Fur #48 Schoolmouse fur 8000 500
Shop-cannonball5.png Apple (cannonball) 3000 100
Shop-ball4.png Football/Soccer ball (ball override) 1500 50
Shop-largeplank9.png Large pencil (large plank) 3000 100
Shop-smallplank7.png Small pencil (small plank) 1500 50
Shop-largebox9.png Chalk board (large box) 3000 100
Shop-smallbox6.png Stack of books (small box) 1500 50


  • School maps require at least 2 mice and at most 40 mice, otherwise they won't appear.
  • The event maps are timed to be in all rooms at once to prevent users from farming them.
  • Previously released school-related items also went on sale.


  • This event was most likely to fill the "holiday gap" that's between the Fishing event and Halloween, starting January 2015 and ending December 2015, Transformice admins started focusing on always having events running.




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