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The New Year's 2016 event, known as the Astrological Adventure, was the first event of its kind, bringing many new features to Transformice, ranging from the emote user interface to the lore.

Starting with this event, events now start a new rotation, where events are only a week long. The official name for week-long events is "adventures". This event also added the new high five emote.

Note: With the new emote, the "sit" emote has been replaced with a Emote plus-icon.png, and upon clicking the "+" you will see both the sit and the new high five emote.

The Cold Winter 2015 map was still active during this adventure.


Mice had to collect all 12 astrological cheese by high-fiving other mice with different astrological cheese on the event map (it did not work on normal maps). These cheese one got from doing a high five depended on what astrological cheese the other mouse was 'designated at birth' (players can still find their own astrological cheese by using the "Zodiac Sign" Inventory item #32 consumable).


This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

  • The Cheese Moon
  • The idea that when mice are born they are given a designated astrological cheese
  • Zodiac rituals

The almighty Cheese Moon is the deity that mice are born under when they are assigned their astrological cheese. She prioritizes love and care over death and sacrifice. Mice worshipping a moon may also be an indicator of their naïveté.

Before this adventure, it was not known that mice take astrology into practice. Also, more types of cheese were introduced to the game. Swiss cheese was formerly the sole type of cheese that players knew of, considering it is the only type that mice go after in maps or in general.


The Cheese Moon with all assembled astrological cheese

This event took place on a single map. To play the event mice had to high-five other mice to exchange their astrological cheese (each mouse has a specific random[3] one, found using the Inventory item #32 "Zodiac Sign" consumable). Note that the "Zodiac Sign" consumable does not give cheese. To complete the event, mice had to collect all 12 cheese, including their birth cheese, since their astrological cheese does not count towards the total. Upon a successful high-five, mice earned the « Gingerbread »(351) title (if not yet earned), an astrological cheese, and both of the new consumables. As one earned astrological cheese, they appeared in their inventory, and around the Cheese Moon on the event map.

Only the first high five on an event map earned rewards, no matter how many high fives are given. Follow-up high-fives only benefited other mice if they have not yet been high-fived. If mice high fived someone while having already earned cheese of that type, they earned a random Christmas 2015 consumable instead (even 15 reindeer possibly). The first cheese was only earned by doing a high five with a guest.

Types of cheese[]

Inventory item #2212
Inventory item #2213
Inventory item #2214
Inventory item #2215
Inventory item #2216
Inventory item #2217
Inventory item #2218
Inventory item #2219
Inventory item #2220
Inventory item #2221
Inventory item #2222
Inventory item #2223

There is a cheese that correlates to each month of the year. For the event, when high fiving another mouse, they were awarded an "astrological cheese" based on their Inventory item #32 "Zodiac Sign" (useful for collecting them all and showing other mice what one's cheese is). Collecting them all earned mice the Badge 69.png event badge.

The first cheese was only obtainable from guest accounts. Logging in as a guest in a separate window and giving it a high-five did work and may have made this much easier. 


Progress rewards[]

Astrological cheese Reward
1 « Gingerbread »(351)
5 « Cheezologue »(377)
6 Cartouche #4
8 « Cookies Eater »(293)
12 Badge #69



Both new consumables were awarded when high-fiving on the event map. Also note that if one's first high five does not award cheese (because you already own that cheese), or you're maxed out on Zodiac Signs (80), then one would have (instead) received a random consumable from the Christmas 2015 event (even the reindeer pet) or a party blower.

Image Name Description
Inventory item #32 Zodiacal Sign Shows you your "Zodiac Sign" for use in obtaining astrological cheese. These are awarded in groups of 10.
Inventory item #33 Party Blower Your mouse blows on a party blower. These are awarded in groups of 10.


New items

New fur badge

Old fur badge

New items[]

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise Collector
Fur #54 Hamtaro Fur Fur 7000 350 Tango Cross1.png
Neck item #20 Sheriff Badge Neck 200 40 Tango Cross1.png
Head item #131 Cheese Hat Head 350 40 Tango Cross1.png

Collector items[]

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Ear item #23 Icicle Earring Ear 50 10
Head item #113 Red Bobble Hat Hat 300 40
Head item #104 Icecube Hat 600 60
Fur #19 Moon Fur Fur 7000 400
Ear item #3 Red Ornament Ear 10
Neck item #10 Christmas Wreath Neck 20
Ear item #12 Candycane Ear 20
Head item #85 Christmas Stocking Head 40
Head item #85 Christmas Tree Head 40
Eye item #23 Ski Goggles Eyes 50
Head item #42 Snowman Head Head 50
Head item #41 Reindeer Antlers Head 60
Tail item #17 Stocking Tail 80
Tail item #2 Star Tail 80
Fur #53 Eskimouse Fur 400


  • This event was the first to use the new week-long cycle. These new event types are called "adventures".
  • This was the first event to have a small "event banner" appear on the top of the login screen.
  • Initially there was a bug that prevented players from seeing what cheese they had collected, but this was fixed later that day.
  • Guests were most likely given a role in this event to make new players or roaming ones more accommodated and welcome to Transformice.




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