Transformice Wiki

The arrow is a shaman item which displays a bouncing purple arrow to every user in the room in the location where shaman has placed it. The arrow has no physical presence and therefore cannot be stood on, pushed, have items attached to it, or otherwise physically interact with the mice or the shaman. The arrow can be rotated, like all other shaman items.

The arrow and the spirit are the only shaman items that can be placed anywhere on the map, regardless of the shaman’s location.


While it can be used for good, the arrow can also be used for trolling, generally by pointing to an area that will trap or knock a mouse off the map or by distracting players by spamming arrows to disrupt the mice’s sight so that throwing them off the map with cannonballs is easier.

The arrow is especially important for divine mode, since it is one of the few shaman items that is available in all shaman modes and can help stabilize a build by arrow nailing.


  • Arrows can be used by dead shamans, but it cannot be rotated.
  • If you create three green anchors, you can change them to motorized green anchors afterwards, by choosing the arrow, pressing the N key, and then placing it directly in the center of the green anchor.
  • If two or more of any objects are touching each other, you can add an extra joint by selecting the arrow or spirit, selecting the joint you want, and then left-clicking in the space between the objects.