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Armageddon 2018, also known as the Gods' Battle Adventure, was the first event of 2018. This adventure featured a battle between the polar forces of Elisah and her opposing deity, the Anvil God.[1]


This adventure focused on bringing life to a statue of Elisah in Transformice's capital, where the one and only Anvil God had broken free. Players had to obtain feathers to enable Elisah's power in the statue and ultimately make the Anvil God retreat.

Note: This map came about every 20 minutes.


The meter shown beneath Elisah's statue; not filled.

The objective of the adventure map was for players to collect Collectible #9 magic feathers, located at the top left of the map and restocked in the same exact location. Players then had to drop these feathers under the Elisah statue by simply walking under the platform where she stands and onto an pedestal with her name engraved in Greek-style lettering. Players had to carefully avoid the Anvil God's lasers, or they died. If particles were enabled, death would have resulted in a comicbook-style scream bubble by one's mouse with varying words inside of them, such as "Meep," "Ouch," and "Aïe" (which is "ouch" in French).

Only one of Elisah's feathers was able to be carried at a time.

A player could carry only one feather at a time, but once dropped onto the statue's pedestal, players were able to obtain another feather and repeat this process until the statue's bar was filled completely. Only two magic feathers were present on the map, but they never changed their locations.

Once the bar was completely filled, Elisah's statue was given her powers for a limited time. The statue's erect arm would release feather particles, their trajectories straight towards the Anvil God. His lasers would cease and he would slowly rock back and forth and eventually retreat into the bottom of the ground. The statue's feather particles would continue to travel off the map. Players were rewarded with random consumables and an Elisah's Tail Ornament, also called ribbon.

The meter shown below Elisah's statue, slightly more than half-filled

So long as a player contributed to powering Elisah's statue with at least one feather and the bar was filled, they would earn a reward, even if afflicted by the Anvil God's laser.

Note: You can get only one Inventory item #2249 Tail Ornament per map rotation; this is to prevent event hopping.

Avoiding the laser[]

One method of timing was in the initial stage of the map's round. The Anvil God's first laser was aimed between the two top pillar grounds, and nobody standing on these grounds to obtain a magic feather were to be reached by his laser. The second laser was right above the statue's pedestal, meaning players who were

The Anvil God about to strike his laser.

The Anvil God delivering an attack.

attempting to drop a feather as soon as the map started would have to face this laser. Thus, players were advised not to drop down right after obtaining a feather once the map began. Timing where the Anvil God's laser would be was crucial, and only dropping down or rising up after his laser was launched was important. His laser attacks recharged every six seconds. In mid-attack, the Anvil God's laser flashed black, white, and then black again, eventually fading to the ominous thin purple laser.

Anvilgod laser strikes.png


Event specific[]

Image Name Limit
Inventory item #2249 Elisah's Tail Ornament 50

Adventure calendar[]

Each calendar challenge gives 20 points.

Count Action
20 Defeat the anvil god (and stay alive)

Progress rewards[]

Inventory item #2249 Reward

« Protector/Protectress »(387)

10 Inventory item #801
15 Cartouche #13
30 Badge #139
40 Badge #198(New)
50 « Fromagic »(336)

Cartouche #33 (New) was added and given to players on 16 February, after the event had ended.

Notable consumables[]

Image Name Effect
Inventory item #2250 Energy Orb Launches a glowing pink energy orb with identical parameters as the pufferfish consumable.
Inventory item #2251 Elisah costume A player's mouse equips the Elisah fur for 10 minutes. Players earned one Elisah costume upon defeating the Anvil God for the first time. It was possible to obtain more by trading.

New items[]

Image Name Type Cheese Fraise
Head item #154 Head 600 50
Neck item #34 Neck 600 60
Tail item #31 Tail 1200 100


  • The Anvil God is an homage to the playerbase, being based off the construct whose name is dubbed accordingly.




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