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Archain von Drekkemaus' manor, which is in the town of Kürbisses-Nacht, is a large building with various rooms such as a casino and library.

The manor consists of at least three floors, as proven by the side view of the one of the sides of either the left or the right of Drekkemaus' manor.

Outside the manor is a courtyard and a garden. Both views of the courtyard can be seen. One of the sides is from the map of the whole mansion's side view, and the other side is from the courtyard map itself (which is still one story above the actual courtyard, making it technically a balcony). Since the years after 2013, the healthy trees by the courtyard have died to become leafless and naked. The Halloween ornaments are still hanging from the trees with thorny vines accompany the dead trees.

The vampire mouse gargoyle has since been taken down, and the balcony is now a foyer instead of out in the open, with an entrance leading to a dead end for the mice of the 2015 Halloween event to navigate through via stone obstacles in search for candy.


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Outside and Inside[]




  • Aside from the 2014 street map and possibly the 2010 broom map, every single Halloween event map has taken place inside or right by the boundaries/gates of Drekkemaus' manor.