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Among Mice is a module based on Among Us.

How to play[]


You start as the innocent or the impostor. If you are innocent, your goal is to complete all tasks or eliminate all impostors from the game. If you start as the impostor, your goal is to kill all the players unnoticed.


You can press F to open a map. Alive innocents can see green dots on the map which mark tasks. Whenever impostor does a sabotage, a big dark red dot appears on the map, which marks a task for sabotage repair. Electricity sabotage deactivates emergency meeting until the electricity is repaired. Oxygen sabotage deactivates any kind of report, plus when oxygen is not fixed within 60 seconds, innocents die and impostors win the game!

Impostors can do sabotage on the right side near the trampoline by staying on the red button which show you sabotages which you can do.


Anyone can report dead bodies by pressing E near the grave, or can use E to start an emergency meeting in the middle of the map. Each player can start emergency meeting only once in the game!


Only alive players can use chat or vote for impostors. Player with the most votes will be eliminated from the game. If most players choose skip, nobody will be eliminated.


Innocents win, if they complete all tasks, or all impostors was eliminated. Impostors win, if number of impostors is equal or greater than there are innocent people or if the oxygen has not been repaired.