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“Revive” redirects here. For the skill that allows your shaman to revive, see Unburstable.

Ambulance is a passive skill in the Spiritual Guide skill tree which revives 1-5 dead mice at your shaman's location. The position of where you summon the Ambulance item does not matter as the mice always spawn at your player shaman's character.

Since 11 June 2020 (V1.579), Ambulance cannot be used in the first 15 seconds. This is to prevent cheese farming.

The mice revived are randomly chosen from the mice who has died. A common misconception is that the last or first mice who died are the mice who get revived.

It can only be used once per turn unless you use the Renewal skill to renew your skills so that you can use the Ambulance skill again.

It does not revive AFK mice, i.e. mice who died without moving.

Ways that mice can die without moving include being pushed off in collision maps, automatically dying because they are AFK, using the /mort command before moving, the shaman killing them, dying by someone using a consumable, and dying from a bomb.

As of V1.294 released 8 March 2016, if a resurrected mouse had cheese or an event item before dying, they would have cheese or the event item upon revival.
This allows for an easy method of favoritism as you can let someone get the cheese, kill themselves, and then use the Ambulance skill at or near the hole to let them enter the hole before anybody else.
It can also easily lead to accidental favoing.

Crane.png BugIn rooms with 50 or more mice, all of the mice’s clothing and costumes are supposed to be hidden to reduce lag, but revived mice still have their clothes on.


  • Revived mice originally came back as skeletons until an unknown update changed them to restoring as normal mice.
  • It was originally possible to revive mice who joined the room after a round started, as the game considered them "dead", but later was removed.