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The mouse can jump in mid-air by falling off the edge, the cross is indicated as a good place to jump.

The air jump is a technique done off the air while not in contact with a platform. Sometimes known as the double jump for its similarity to the mid-air jumps often found in platform games, the air jump allows a mouse to reset their vertical acceleration to give them better control midair, and jump distances otherwise impossible to reach.

Mice reset their ability to jump after landing on a platform and do not lose it until the jump is used, regardless of whether the mouse is currently standing on a platform or not. This means that for every time you "fall" on a platform you will receive the ability to jump once, anywhere. This is also how mice are able to wall jump.


Air jumping is commonly done to extend a jump's horizontal distance, sometimes called long-jumping or fake falling. This is done by running off a platform and jumping to safety from midair. It is often done in conjunction with walljumping.

By running off the wood and falling, a mouse will have already gone a certain distance horizontally to their destination. Then, by jumping in midair, the mouse then is able to complete the other end of their jump. A normal jump would mean that the mouse simply jumps and falls.

The exact mechanics and perfect jumping "sweet spot" is rather unknown. However, airjumping will break the mouse out of its fall, regardless of how fast it is falling, making it most efficient to jump when the mouse has lost all upward momentum and has reached terminal velocity. It is usually best to jump when halfway to your destination.

Turning mid-air[]

In some instances, mice must fall along a wall and then jump under the wall to land safely. To do so, mice fall until when below the level of the wall, then jump towards it.


Air jumping is useful when combating shaman attacks or other flying objects. Mice who are able to air jump can fall to dodge items such as a cannonball shot, then immediately jump and wall jump back up. Even when hit, an air jumping mouse can fly diagonally into the air, then air jump back to safety.


Lava air jumping.gif

If you hold the upwards arrow key or the W key, a bug will allow you to slow down mid-air, resulting in not dying.

Air jumping can be used to survive when falling on the lava ground. This is best done by holding the jump button before touching the lava ground, and continuing to hold it along with the directional key until safely above the lava ground.

Contacting the surface throws mice upward, but also resets the jump, allowing another jump before flying too high. Air jumping returns a mouse's upward velocity to that of a jump, much slower than that of launching up from the lava, allowing gravity to drop the mouse back to down. Holding both a directional key and the jump key utilizes the game's "auto-jump" feature, which allows mice to jump immediately after touching down.