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Complete enigma pieces

You can still obtain this event's badge. See how at Badge#9.

The Transformice 4th Anniversary celebration consisted of a new enigma to get the badge Badge #9.



Animation sequence

  1. The enigma pieces have to be overlaid over one another to piece them up together.
  2. Based on the complete piece, confetti needs to be used twice.
  3. The map it shows at that time was map 0, probably a memoir of room 801, which used to just feature that map.
  4. The sequence on using the emote have to be tried on error with luck. The sequence of emotes was: confetti, dance, confetti, clap, kiss.[1]



Rearranging the letters gives HYNIXY. Many have believed in it due to the tree root bridge in room 801, as it has the words hidden in it.

If you would have typed /hynixy, you would get the replies of "no", "nop" and "try again".

The letters were a troll directed at the French players who managed to discover these letters on the Easter map when they weren't meant to be there.[2]



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