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The 12th Anniversary is an event celebrating Transformice's twelfth anniversary. Double cheese and XP is enabled from 28 April to 12 May 2022.

A new pet derp pigeon Inventory item #2545 Familier 15.png was released. Entering the hole very late gives you a chance to receive 1Inventory item #2545.


New permanent shaman rewards were added to Oracle's shop in village.

Oracle.png Oracle
Cost Reward
10Inventory item #2505 Cartouche #60 (New)
5Inventory item #2505 Badge #362 (New)

Shop items[]

  • Collector items released on 28 April 2022 (V1.697): Head item #242 Hand item #58 Contact lenses #83 Fur #236
  • Permanent items released on 5 May 2022 (V1.699): Hand item #59 Small box skin #48 Small plank skin #44 Trampoline skin #11 Anvil skin #24


  • The Vanilla Map Making Contest 2022 was held to add new vanilla maps.
  • From 13 to 20 April 2022, players on Discord were able to vote on which one of these collector hand items Hand item #13 Hand item #8 Hand item #31 should become a permanent item in the shop. Hand item #8 won with 445 votes and it was added to the shop as a permanent item on 28 April 2022.
  • Room #tfmbday lets you experience previous events.
  • The following free items from previous anniversaries can still be obtained:
    • Head item #95 - type "/atelier801".
    • Badge #9 - do the emote sequence "confetti, dance, confetti, clap, kiss" on either map 0 or any user-made map.
      Note: You must use the confetti button Confetti-icon.png, not E.
    • Badge #269 - while wearing the moustache Mouth item #1, go to any village room. Stand on the red chair located in the treehouse with Elise and Papaille and type "/anvilgod 73".
      Note: The moustache must be the default color.
  • During double cheese and XP events, the cheese coin redemption limit per day is doubled from 200 to 400.


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