A Modulok, más néven minijátékok egyalso known as minigame[1], is a game modethat can be accessed by using #MinigameName, possibly followed by a number (e.g. #traitor or #traitor1; must be inlowercase). You can also find module rooms by opening the Room screen, and looking at the "Modules" tab.

Ugyanúgy, mintJust like normal rooms, you can also do "international" mini-game rooms by placing "*" before the room name (ex: "*#deathmatch"). However, very few people use international mini-game rooms, so this may only be useful if you plan to play with friends on a different server without making everyone having to switch servers. They are primarily used for minigames / modules still in testing / beta.

"/module [modulename]" may be run in a tribe house to play it privately. Ex: "/module utility" or "/module #utility".

If you're curious about how to make modules, you should read this thread, as well as understand the basics of the Lua programming language.

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